Delivering breakthrough inspection technologies that elevate production excellence by generating a data-rich ecosystem.

At Yoran Imaging, we utilize leading-edge thermal imaging technology to revolutionize the filling and heat-sealing process on packaging lines in a wide range of sectors including Food and Beverage, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Consumer Goods and Electronic Components.

This real-time sealing data allows for:

Enhanced predictive maintenance for heat sealing
Enhanced predictive maintenance
thermal analytics for manufacturing and packaging reduce labor investments


predictice maintenence for heat sealing to minimize product waste

Minimized materials and product waste

Deep Expertise

Drawing upon more than two decades of experience in thermal imaging inspection, Yoran Imaging's solutions provide non-invasive, 100% in-line inspection combined with data collection and analysis. This powerful combination allows for real-time visibility of line performance and precise optimization of the overall production process.
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Leadership Team

Eran Sinbar
Yoav Weinstein
Amir Vetzler
Yoran Imaging was founded in 2016 by Yoav Weinstein, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Eran Sinbar, CEO, who have worked together for more than two decades. Both leaders have extensive research and development expertise centering on thermal imaging-driven analysis, inspection, and process improvements. Amir Vetzler joined the company in 2021 as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), bringing with him extensive experience in operations management, business development and marketing.

Board Members & Advisory

Eran Sinbar
CEO and co-founder of Yoran Imaging.
Yoav Weinstein
CTO and co-founder of Yoran Imaging.
Joseph Ackerman
Former President and CEO of Elbit Systems, startup investor and business mentor.
Ofir Dubovi
Co-Founder of Kaminario, startup investor, held managerial positions in leading hi-tech companies.
Dan Ram
Co-Founder and CEO of Dune Ridge, has extensive experience in banking, capital markets, entrepreneurship and startup investments. Representing Gil Midyan.
Tal Shochat
Early-stage investor, COO of Carmochrome Ltd, has extensive experience in the world of manufacturing.
Yoram Levinson
Board member.

Our systems have scanned

over 1.7 billion products

Trusted by Global Leaders

Our patented and award-winning solutions help leading companies around the world to optimize their production processes and safeguard their brand reputation. The company’s thermal imaging inspection systems deliver enhanced peace of mind by replacing outdated, manual inspection procedures with highly automated and extremely precise data-driven technologies.

Awards and Patents

Horizon 2020
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all 4 pack innovation Paris
United States patent and trademark office
European Patent Office

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